Knights of Columbus Welcomes You!

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Welcome to the Knight’s of Columbus – St. Patrick Parish Chapter!

Saskatoon St. Patrick’s Parish is the home of Chapter #8279 Msgr. Robbins Knight’s of Columbus. As part of the world’s largest Catholic Men’s Fraternal Service Organization, we are active supporting our community. From Wheelchairs, Meals for Schoolchildren, Coats 4 Kids, Sponsoring Seminarians, The Indoor Games, Special Olympics, Bosco Summer Camps, to working behind-the-scenes to help those found in need in our community… When people are in need in our Parish, Diocese and even around the world, the Knights of Columbus are there to help.

If you are a man, whether single or married, 18 or 88, the Knight’s of Columbus is how you can become better – a better Man, Father, Husband…

Contact us today – become part of the movement for Good by showing that you are willing to give…   It can be an hour, two hour or more – We have many activities that give you the flexibility without a “locked-in commitment”… 

Try with us for an hour and let the feeling you get, the satisfaction and the warmth of being part of a solution for so many in need, be your guide as to what you do after that.

It only take one call or email…  Why not click and do it right now?

Become Part Of The Solution – Building Healthy Families And Communities:

If you are looking for ways to make the world a better place, to show your family, your kids and your wife, what kind of a Man you are, then the Knights of Columbus have a dozen or more ways you can put in whatever time you feel you have – and demonstrate your Faith through Actions.  As a Catholic Man, you are committed to not just ‘faith alone’ — you know it takes more than ‘happy thoughts’ to improve the world around you… the world your family lives in.

This is why we give, we work for others and are there to support our Catholic Parish Families – We follow the example of Father McGiveny, who over a century ago, rallied the men of his parish to form the first Knights of Columbus to support the families and individuals in need.

Become part of that legacy… Show your strength… Set an example for others to follow!

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