ANACOP Fall Fundraiser

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The annual “Coats For Kids” is just one more way the Knight’s of Columbus continually “give back” to the communities they live in.  No child should suffer the pain of cold and frostbite, so we raise money through our fundraising and personal donations, to buy dozens and dozens of coats for local children in need each year. Be part of the solution – Join Us Today… it only takes an hour or two every other month to make a big difference in the lives of those around us.  It is what God put us on this earth to do – charitable acts, decency as a Man and be a leader by Catholic example in the community we live in.

Help Us Help Kids In Need!

Do you have growing children?  Grandchildren?  GREAT!!!

Donate their gently used winter-wear and help a child in need.  Wash it and check it for tears and other damage that may leave it unserviceable… after that, drop it off to the Knight’s of Columbus at St. Patrick’s Church.

It isn’t about “style” or “fashion”… it’s all about ‘staying warm and safe’.

Nothing feels as good, as a “Good Deed”…. do yours today and help us to keep the children in our community warm and safe this winter!


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